I never wanted to let you go, but God took you out of my life. We shared so much, and I thought you were my last. Our bond was strong and beautiful, but the sad truth is that you were meant to break my heart and prepare me for greatness with all the experiences. Never did I see you in my history.

I had to be without you. I still can’t believe we’re now strangers with memories. I still can’t believe the plans and dreams we had together vanished like mist in the morning. I felt safe and free in your arms. My best friend you were. My lover you were. My strength you were. And, my future I thought you were too!

You used to hold me so tight and assure to be forever mine. You used to hold my hand when crossing the streets. You used to say; “mommy, don’t worry. Daddy’s got you!” I believed in love and submission because of you. Sometimes my heart wakes me up in the middle of the night demanding to see you, hold you and cry in your arms. But, you’re not there. You’ve served your purpose in my life, and it’s over now!

You used to say that I was the right woman for you, but you showed me your true colours and left me bleeding for love on the floor. I think about you in every breath that I take. The emotional wounds that you gave me have paralyzed the inside of me. I still love you anyway!

I saw how bad you needed a reason to walk away, so I had to go extra miles lying to you just to satisfy your thoughts. I saw the joy in your eyes when you finally thought I had done you wrong. It’s alright! I wished you the worst, because I was in pain. But, Lord knows I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.

I don’t need pictures to precisely see your face, for you’re all over me from a distance. I imitate the dance moves that you used to teach me whenever I’m down. The aroma of any food reminds me of you. Suits call out your name, for I remember how you used to say that you’ll wear them on a daily basis to work. You were my home, and now I’m forced to reconcile with myself, focus and build my own!

I guess we wanted something that was against God’s will. My love you’ll always be! Thank you for the LESSSONS!

Written by: Mohaule Makungu



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