Lady in Red

  1. Body so curved like an arch that adorns engineered bridges.
  2. Figure looks so mesmerising like a queen’s crown in a palace.
  3. Breasts well covered like a bed of peace in rich white comfort.
  4. Lips so naturally pink and smiley with braveness written all over her.
  5. Her neck compliments the shape of her edges and long fingers.
  6. She walks with confidence that stands firm with her internal scars.
  7. Her dreams have eliminated ample of people out of her life.
  8. Strength stretches her arms in times of distress and hardships.
  9. She builds from imagination and patiently persists on the pinnacle.
  10. Her yesterday demands to be handled by mature creatures.
  11. She wearing a long red dress that compliments her skin tone and personality.
  12. Oh! Woman, Red is bold. Red is winery. Red is brave. Red is magnificent.
  13. She lady in red, and seeks no attention from foolish men, but respect from the wise.
  14. Lady in red shakes the sky and causes distractions on thr ground.
  15. Deep end read the red fabric using attraction in detention without contamination.
  16. She ready to give birth to her purpose.
  17. The Lord Jesus has made her a new creation.
  18. Her voice breaks an ice of the ordinary.
  19. Her scars are a proof that she’s been hurt, betrayed, disappointed, fooled and sabotaged.
  20. She seeks guidance, comfort and wisdom from God.

Mohaule M.



    1. I suppose you’re nostalgic now. It’s good to think about the old days for a moment and laugh a little. I’m imagining you dancing on stage right now my friend. Lol, red is my favourite colour. I’m obsessed with it.


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