The Heart

Mumbling, crumbling and suffocating in the flow of low current that misbehaves like a coloured loose rose that tends to pose its roots on the edges to lose touch with wisdom.

I bleed like the greed in living waters in thirst of answers, but never find any. Time hits different rooms in my mind to disconnect me from bliss on top of a cracked lid in disperse.

Conversations with the heart light up cigars in a bar to grace up my senses for a minute. Reality tries understanding the gaps of maps that lead nowhere in a time of sorrows.

Eyes open. Brains exhausted. Ears retired. Tongue, twisted like jealous sisters. But, direction insists on the truth about the heart. For, many died in beautiful homes with living bodies.

Heart, brace yourself like a star; for I have questions to ask you.

You know your creator, but you chose to honour the branches of the mind. Why?

Love made you. Yet, resentment bribed your roots with materialism. How could you sabotage this age like that?

Loyalty gave you veins and the authority to pump blood, but betrayal rotated in royalty to cause division. How do you deal with such?

People’s eyes cry, but they’re never full just like a mean ocean at night. Why?

Unity is in your DNA. However, lies and empty promises praise pride in no hour for a ride. What’s the meaning of that?

Home is where you belong. Nonetheless, you find yourself roaming around the streets, simply because you struggle to forgive. Talk to me!

You carry secrets and result in hypertension. Why?

Beautiful relationships fail to stand trials due to lack of understanding, and you suffer the consequences. Why can’t they be empathetic on you?

Respond and pound in a pond of shreds.

They break you and walk away.

They abuse you and celebrate under the expense of your rate.

They tax your love and rebate on a debate on your worth.

They need you for love.

They need you for trust.

They need you for commitment.

They need you for decision making.

They need you for their ambitions.

They need you for happiness.

They need you for forgiveness.

They need you to defeat their fears.

They need you for purity.

They need you for honesty.

Come home! You’re too distant. I know you’ve been through the worst. Your value is priceless. Reintroduce yourself to the world. Apply the lessons, and never be a fool again.

Memories sinking while the disease in you angers so many lives. I know you can’t take it. I know you’re insecure. I know you’re too cautious. I know you’ve felt so much pain.

Give yourself unto the Lord. Seek guidance. The world is too cruel to be kind to you. The damage is too much for you to bear. Refuse to be cold. Say no to bitterness. So much of you is still needed to change lives.

  • Rays seem clumsy in winter
  • Trays serve the worst in darkness
  • Weights dread capabilities
  • Heights move and barely love
  • Remember the member of vena
  • Fairness is only found in ink
  • Endurance is an option of glance
  • Mind connects with charges

The heart suffers from one’s ignorance, stupidity and arrogance. Building is crucial, but purify your heart and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Take care of your feast and it’ll reward you!

Title requested by Chauke Memory N.

Written by: Mohaule Makungu



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