Burnt to reign

Woods became sensitive and inquisitive before a minty ash by the seventh avenue. Eyes spoke in figures, while Accountants precisely calculated depreciation. Aback the rays were taken to unite such that ignite mated with glimpses. Crystal rocks mocked highlighted sand to spite the heart of innocence. Machines gave in to the power of time. It is okay to trip at times.

Inadequate jasmine in a mine of minerals felt. Question not the witty, sing along with hibernation of incompletion for the rainbow nation. Yolk the glow while an aisle is pure for your severe seconds in the universe through a reversed collaboration. Speak, pick on peak in meek to galvanize and neutralize saliva in vague by an isotope within the cape.

Elliptical tasted spiral and quenched thy thirst leaving a higher frequency of benevolency. Jealous time became like greed greeted liquidity by the hand of solvency in loathe together with an arched rage. If this be muted err, then darkness never jinxed light in its own era of hours in the air. Transparent plants shall feel naked before thee. However, shake not the shaken; for it is abstractly unwise.

Accurate the skin seems in a rate of music after experiences ate failed nails in advance. Devastated the city is. Careless? Make it rhetorical. Turn redox into paradox. Leaves heard longitudinal waves weep on rainy feet to minimize the colours of love. It conquers vanished creeps by an extent of vade to jade life.

Never mind the crop to cede dealt wasted waters in dismissal. Lost in situations to ensure dust does not destroy the foreseeable. “Forget!” -They keep saying. But, you just can’t. Then what?.. Realise levy whilst mendy moves in aloof to criticize the wrongs and amplitudes. Don’t compensate your ego. Just go! Grow raw to be insolvent towards it.

Motherland and Neverland differ, although they married the same mind in disguise. Move these infants to safe before reality could kiss the worthy. Appreciate compression beyond suspension to meet consensus with passion. Rather stick to silence in disperse, than beating an ignorant drum. Listen! Just count to ten and intend to end this tension.

A mere monanique longs for closure in the absence of peace. Amusement makes lust looks like a last to compile a pale of alle. Rectify serenity and magnify tranquility underneath. My heart hallucinates like it has been placed into a psychiatric ward for thee. My bone marrows flow like current and break these densed bones when I’m with you.

Your image vowed to age with mine in sacrilege with submission when love was still young and new. You did not need an ink to sign up your name in my arteries, to put a rhythm of poetry in this country. Lace made your hands to place themselves on my skin step by step until placid leaded me into calling out your name. “Breathe mommy! Daddy is here.” Elements brought caramel everywhere. “I’m moving slowly. My esoteric garden this is!” My chest felt like lava with yours laminating every single pore in a core of an ore.

Abuse is a muse to the wicked, and a daily bullet to the victim. Emotions vary rust in wanderlust through an ectomorphic room to roam around. “I’m sorry. I just can’t help, but feel jealous of you.” -They keep saying. “Please don’t leave me. I am nothing without you!” -They never cease stressing while oppressing the other.

“I won’t lose it if you could just do as I say.” -They seductively whisper into your ears. Their tongue tastes sweet, but it gives birth to pain. They please and break you simultaneously. The manipulation lives to become a multiplication with complications. Seconds freeze intimately on a lamentable heart that is inflamed without reverence. Hope ommits an exult just to exhault love in the name of: “I am strong”. Eyes endure to cope with being teary after being weary.

“It gets better in time.” But, it got acrimonious in time, like a home of bacteria. Walking away feels like trying to set up an ocean on fire hoping to witness it burn. One knows what the sea waves could do to them, yet they still persist on swimming. Addiction battles with harmony to cause division in action. Their acricious words make love to self-doubt, phobias, resentment and figurative death. Gosh! Romeo died for love. You’re not him. Then, what are you doing? Dammit! Are you asking me?

“Babe, I am sorry. I’m just to enamoured with thee beyond measures. Don’t be infuriated. ” -They apologise and make you feel bad for being mad. “Tou don’t even have any direction in life. You are the worst person I’ve ever met….You’re useless. You disgust me. A hoe you are. I detest my heart for choosing you….”

“Babe, I apologise. Don’t punish me. I just have a tendency of saying nonsense. You know my flaws…”

Your all gets taken away until you lose yourself for a monster. They are so committed into crumbling, mistreating, misunderstanding and bringing you down.

The judgemental ones say you do not know your worth. They stress on you being a sucker for love. They keep emphasising that if you knew and loved yourself enough, you wouldn’t let any creature treat you that way. They label you as someone with no backbone. But, they’re just not you. You’re not as holier, smarter, better nor righteous as they are. -So they claim.

The conscience gets tired of telling you to let go! Alone you are now. Emotionally and mentally drained like it never rained. Reality rears swords beneath your soul. But, addiction whispers: “you’re stuck honey!” Voices laugh at your bleeding heart. Ashes slowly move separately to inches of history like a story. “You’re not a woman enough! How dare you runaway everytime we argue? Shame on you!”

Phone calls from loved ones: “Oh, no! Honey, you have to let go and forget this.”

“Easier said than done.” -A wise man once said. Of course! But, you still want to hold-on. These individuals don’t know what you’ve invested in this. You want this. You love this. Denial pops a bottle of champagne in your teary face. You’re struggling. You can’t sleep. You can’t work. You only feel alright around them. You didn’t choose to emotionally depend on them.

It’s toxic. But, you find yourself begging for more.

It’s perilous, yet that’s how you get turned on.

It’s depressing. However, you become bipolar due to it.

It’s insane. Dammit! That’s the only language you understand.

It’s finishing your breath. But, you only breathe properly where there’s smoke.

It’s taking away all your time and energy. Sadly you’ve treated it as an investment.

It’s killing you. Surprisingly, that’s how you fall so deeply for them

The abnormalities got you too attached to let go.

Leaving kills the inside of you. Staying tears you apart. What a pity! But, misery makes you feel so good. Thoughts play chess in your head. Here you are thinking of the worst. For, that’s all you know. What makes you think it is the end of you? -Courage tries winning you over. But, you still want to stay! “They will never understand until it happens to them.”

Yeah! Nobody cares. I know, right? Keep mocking.

You’ve had enough!

You walk away. But, your heart wrestles the inside of you.

You can’t be without them.

You scream and shout, hoping to ease the pain.

You stare at your phone. They don’t call. You dial their number and quickly hang up!

You swear and pray at once.

You say: “Go to hell and amen!” At the same time.

You distruct yourself, but they’re all you think of. They come back to you.

You become excited. The pain melts away. You hope for change. But, things get worser.

You make out and go back to square one after 48 hours. You cry and slam the doors.

You break the windows and other tangible assets. Somehow you enjoy this, but it HURTS!

The truth is: You’re delusional. We are all bound to feel pain differently in our lives. Not that you’re contradicting yourself. You just threw your pearls into the pigs. And, it is frustrating now.

Your deepest fear is not that you’re afraid.

Your deepest fear is that you know the beauty of releasing certain things to the universe. Love does not hurt. It is who does the loving that hurt. Brace yourself. Embrace the journey. Run your own race. Ace it. Grow apart from toxic oomphs.

Written by: Mohaule Makungu



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