The cape is an ancient ape of beaut. The ocean frowns, smiles, laughs, loves and cries on my behalf when the world curls itself around one’s fingers. They find themselves breaking down before the mountains and suddenly feel comfort merely by staring at God’s art. The breeze makes them feel like a new creation at all times.

Our values and standards aren’t the same, but time forces our tongues to reach out to an agreement and start emphasising on how one should compromise in certain things. Wait…

“Love is about Compromise.” -They say. But, nobody has ever divulged the roots of compromises. Why? Many focus on how green the tree is; without understanding the mother root that breasted branches hoping to shine with the sun someday.

Children are indirectly taught to compromise their dreams when they fail to meet certain requirements in life. The burnt mine industry in their hearts drills beneath their souls to remind them of their lost visions.

Compromise, who are you?

Compromise, why didn’t you tear an ear to uprise reality?

Compromise, what are you made of?

Compromise, why are you prejudicial?

Compromise, your mother cursed you before you were even conceived.

Compromise,compromise, compromise! I am talking to you!

Why are you so two-faced. You rarely work out. You leave people’s lives with broken spirits. Your presence stambles regrets, and inner wounds. You’re most likely to toss and turn with those that mean no harm. Lyrics sink in their minds with devastation and frustration.

Society says one is selfish and inconsiderate when they refuse to sign up for a compromise that leads to a broken promise. Healing does not erase a memory nor cover up a wound. Some damages are eternal!

Compromise, you left them feeling alone and angry! Reality isn’t negotiating any terms of life and time.


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