Diluted change

The devil has collaborated with fear to induce limitations, self-doubts, twisted intelligence and depression to steal the human’s connection with God in spite of sin bonding with friendship with the world.

Many are physically rich, yet spiritually poor. Their level of poverty in the spirit breaks God’s heart. Why? Because they fear change. They allow society to diminish their values and potential.

Change is hard, but it is worth it. We were born to have gradual change in our lives. For everyday is a ticket to the cemetery. Babies fall a million times before they could start walking properly. And, it hurts. So they shed tears. One sees them trying to take a step here and there. They never give up until it happens.

Real life situations taught us how to develop the fear of change. The pain and heartbreak together with endurance that comes with it makes us feel like it is never-ending. The mindset begins to give birth to negativity due to lack of wisdom.

Diluting change robs you from unleashing your potential, faith and submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ. The illusion of being afraid tied up your capabilities and left you with unnecessary responsibilities that were bound to be ignored.

Acceptance is in a relationship with intelligence. However, blessed are those with courage regardless of what happens. Change ranges time and age with significant lessons. Face it through prayer and knowing your identity in every aspect.

Written by: Mohaule Makungu


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