Question why you want to know why

Psychology says, ” a wise person always asks questions”. But, it has never stipulated why it focuses on the “wise “. We were trained to believe what we see, imagine and observe, but not what is ignored. Even a fool can ask you a million questions just to impress you physically, yet suppressing your soul on the other hand. Not, every question asked deserves to be served. Some need reservations in a reverse of untold verses versus reality. Lost? I know! Just do not set standards for yourself based on society’s trends. They rotate like the world. “Nothing right under the sun is new.” -Ecclesiastes. Question yourself why you want to know why. Cure the gates of your mind with being unapologetic, bold and silent.

Ask yourself why they are interested in your fate while yesterday ate in your diamond plate. Platter the letter to consume the best by being out of the ordinary. Did you know that frustration determines your pace? Yet you are still burning inside about wanting to know why without action and appreciation. Foolish generation we live in. Question the relevant not the exposure lacking composure. How can you know why while you’ve traded your purpose for stupidity? Why is not whine. It is just why. But, careful of how your tongue dances inside your mouth. Know why it didn’t happen the way you had planned it, know why betrayal is cheap and loyalty lives to become expensive. Why buy questions while God has already given you all the answers before you were even conceived? Life becomes easier when one knows their identity in Christ.

Written by: Mohaule Makungu


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