Guard your heart

“Give me your heart, mind, body and soul” -The Lord Jesus said. But, the excitement, beaut and illusions of this world we live in, derive significant proverbs to the loophole of ignorance and wickedness, just to drive away the sense of humility. Giving and receiving are considered as a norm, for eyes are active in the physical world. Yet, spiritually passive. Sad truth that is. Even a single star in the sky wishes to uprise reality.

“Love them all, but trust no one.” -Says the bible. However, what we’re failing to see; is the trick in this statement. The roots to every foundation built on earth begins with the heart. Unfortunately, it uses different languages, circumstances, incidents and manipulate time to deliver a message into anybody’s life. A human’s heart is free to an extent of letting anything in, but it is one’s responsibility to make sure that it doesn’t accomodate invisible poison that might leave it dark and damaged forever.

Dreams are soaked in mud due to recklessness. Hard work is recognised, yet meaningless to the achiever because of living with a crumbled heart. The economy is pathetic in an account of a nation that’s filled with greed, rage, lies, revenge, coldness and foolishness. All in the mixture of disaster that fails to mature in time. Families are broken. Relatives are twisted. Education is being substituted by easy money and dark sacrifices. Cities knot an untied tie to the superiors through a rough ride for its own advantage. Fears have ears in the spirit. They trigger a bomb of negativity in a human’s life. And, all these occur simply because we do not guard our hearts.

Vultures are hungry. They feel like thirst is not enough to destroy someone’s story in a single page of their lives. So, they attack the heart. “A human can bear a sickness, but who can bear a crushed spirit?” -King Solomon said in the book of Proverbs. I believe he was trying to outline the importance of not hurting one and another. Your thoughts are a reflection of what you’ve seen, imagine, read and experienced. They can deceive your heart, but not your conscience. Guard your inner person. Pray for him. Seek wisdom from the wise and God. Because, having it all without a peaceful and safe heart is just like waiting for the sea to be filled up with rain.


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